Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Russian Girl, Excellent Russian Ballet

Ballet is a kind of dance form with the focus of pointe work, which is performed with the accompany of classic music. It incorporates the techniques of other dance forms and is hard to master. It preoccupies itself with beautiful women. In ballet performance dancers wear ballet tutu, ballet shoes and ballet belt or tight. It orignated in Italia during the 15th and 16th century. Later it was introduced to Russian and other countries. 

Excellent Russian Ballet

In Russian it was fully developed by the Russian artists, mainly Russian women. Those Russian women dancers carried out a lot of practice and many of the female dancers are in high repute world wide. They have brought many choreographic and stylistic innovations and Russian ballet began to flourish around the world.The representative pieces of work include Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake. Russian women dancers have brought many wonderful performances for the world audience. Their elegant and gracious performances are always unforgettable and surprise audiences greatly.
Russian women dancers of ballet

Beautiful Russian Women Dancer
is a famous Russian woman ballet dancer.she pursued her ballet dream as a teacher. She wrote a book titled Basic Principles of Russian Dance which systematically deals with the teaching methods and ideas of ballet dancing. Moreover, she has fostered a generation of excellent Russian women dancers and she is worldwide known. Vaganova method of ballet dance is involved the movement of all the parts of body. It is a strictly codified training system but if correctly practiced it is widely considered to be injure-free. And she has devoted all her life to the world of ballet and later set up her own training school of ballet and continues nowadays as Mariinisky Ballet. Russian women dancers are beautiful and slim with professional kills.
Ballet Shoes

Because ballet is focused on the pointe work so ballet shoes also called ballet slippers are very important to dancers. It is a kind of soft and lightweight shoes. It can be made from soft leather, canvas, or satin. Generally women wear pink ballet shoes while men wear white or black ballet shoes. Dancers must wear the fittest ballet shoes for safety and excellent performance.
ballet shoes
Russian dancers of ballet always have great interest in it and also keep working and practicing. Many of them finally succeeded after going through untold hardships. Modern ballet is a art which is difficult for dancers to attain. Therefore, without long-time training and practice dancers can achieve nothing. Ballet requires strong will, hard work and enthusiasm.

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