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What You Must Know When Dating Ukraine Girls 1

Ukraine girls are charming and pretty. And they are also very nice and kind. If you want to seek a Ukraine woman as your life partner and soul mate. The traditional customs and taboos relating to different aspects of life are a must that you should know. They can also contribute to your successful dating and romantic love joinery. To find your true love and put an end to your single life, now begin to read some information about the customs and taboos.

Ukraine greeting----kissing on the cheeks
Ukraine greeting----kissing on the cheeks

Ukraine Customs
1     Ukraine people are used to hugging and kissing on the cheeks when greeting each other. Hugging and shaking hands are the commonest ways of greeting in Ukraine. When they are friends or relatives, a greeting consists of three kisses on the cheeks. Generally speaking, elders kiss the forehead of the younger generation.
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2     When shaking hands, men should wait till Ukrainian ladies stretch out their hands. Gentlemen should pay attention and shake hands lightly and do not pump their hands vigorously. And moreover, you should not ask about the age of Ukraine ladies.

3     On social occasions, guests can introduce themselves. If someone does not make a self introduction, it is not necessary for you to ask directly. You can ask other people.

4      Generally, you can praise the appearance, clothing, figure and style of Ukraine people when chatting or exchanging conventional greetings. But you must not compliment their health. That is to say, you can not say, "you are really healthy; You are in excellent health; you are blessed with good health and the like." All of these kinds of words are not allowed to speak. Because in the viewpoints of Ukraine people, the compliments will work out a negative and opposite effect. Ukrainian like words like "You looks young", "You seems never to grow old."

5     Ukrainian like flowers very much. You can see flowers no matter it is at birthday or festivals or even at usual times. It is common that people send flowers in odd numbers in Ukraine. Ukrainian think good lucks lie in odd numbers and even numbers are inauspicious. Only when someone dies can you send flowers in even numbers, namely 2 or 4 carnations or tulips. When sending flowers , do not choose chrysanthemum. When you send flowers to your Ukraine girlfriend, keep these information in mind.

6     When chatting your Ukraine lady or Ukraine people, do not refer to the number 13 and Friday. They like to talk about literary and artistic creation and scientific and technical achievements and the like things. Religions and views about historic persons are among the topics of their dislikes.

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