Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Russian Tour To Meet Russian Women---Have A Happy Time With Your Gorgeous Russian Women

Russian tour to meet your Russian beauties.
Russian Tour

To have a Russian tour it is beneficial to yourself and you can also meet Russian beauties in the capital and its other cities. If you are single, you can make friends with them. And if you are lucky, you may find your life partner and soul mate in your tour. To have a happier and relaxing tour to Russia, let's learn something about Russia.
Another Gorgeous Russian Girls
Another Gorgeous Russian Girls

Guidelines To Russian Tour To Meet Russian Beauties

1 General Introduction
Russia is the country with the largest size in the world, almost 7,100,000 square kilometers. It has a population of 150 millions with more than one hundred and thirty nationalities. Most of its people are Eastern Orthodox Christians.

2 Weather 
In summer, morning and evening is cool and noon time is comparatively hot. The change of whether is quick and strong. Rain, coldness, sun, and cloud can be seen in a minute. Therefore, when you have your tour, you must take your gloves and rain wear with you in case of the cold and rainy whether. As for the winter, it is very cold. You must take enough food and warm clothes. At last, it is very dry in Russia so you can prepare some skin care products and lip balm.

3 Immigration
Obey the rules and laws in Russia and return to your own country on schedule. Respect the local customs and traditions and follow the local laws and regulations. In view of the work efficiency of Russian people, be prepared for the slow process and wait patiently.

4 Customs
If you take the professional camera you must submit your customs declaration. The Russian customs requests that visitors fill out the declaration according to the fact and the money and currency you take should be told. When entering Russia, please go through the red channel. When you leave the country, you should also make a written declaration. Moreover, the money you take to when leaving should be no less than that you take when coming.
I am Karolin. I am a single girl from Russia and I want to find a foreign hsband
 I am Karolin. I am a single girl from Russia

5 Etiquette and Dressing---The Most Important To Meet Your Gorgeous Russian Women

When visiting the attractions of Russia such as the Unknown Soldiers and Red Square, you are not allowed to smoke. When you are in museums, churches and other serious places, please tak off your hats.

5 Language
Russian people speak the local dialects of Russian and English is popular.

If you really want to please your gorgeous Russian women, you had better learn taboos in Russia. It is also helpful for your tour.


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