Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Greeting Etiquette You Must Know When Dating Hot Ukrainian Girls

There are some customs you must know to better date hot Ukrainian girl at The world is big. A lot of things are different. If you are dating a single Ukrainian woman it is unavoidable for you to meet Ukrainian people. Then what do you know about the greeting customs in Ukraine? Read through this article and have a happy trip when flying to meet your girl and her family.

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1 Ukrainian people are used to embracing each other and kissing on the cheek. They always kiss on the cheek for three times when they meet their close friends or relatives. However, the elders will kiss the young on the forehead to greet.

2 Ukrainian people also shake hands to greet. When it comes to shaking hands, there are some points we must know. Generally speaking, you should wait till women hold out their hands when greeting women. It is advisable to kiss them rather than shake hands. Men should hold their hands lightly and don't shake heavily. You had better take off your gloves when shaking hands. It is polite. Don't shake hands at the threshold of a door for it is regarded as bad luck. Don't inquire the age of Ukrainian women.

3 In general, people can give compliments of words with regard to appearances, dressing, figure and demeanor and so on. But you cannot flatter about their health when chatting or meeting. It will bring bad luck to the one you are complimenting if you say: You looks healthy. and the like. The custom is different from that of many other countries. In their eyes these words are not allowed to say. Otherwise, people will feel that the opposite effect will appear. However, it is strange that they are glad to hear words like You are young.

4 Ukrainian people like flowers very much. They will have flowers no matter it is at birthday, festivals or visiting families. When you visit your girl or the family of her friends, you can bring some flowers. Here there is a great point you must pay attention to. They don't like even numbers. As far as they are concerned, even numbers bring bad fortune while odd ones bring people luck. They only send flowers such as carnations and tulip only at funerals.

Remember these customs and etiquettes when dating Ukrainian hot girls at CharmingDate.

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